How It Works

Using their smartphones, customers click on a convenient link from your website and are guided through the process of taking pictures and requesting a quote.

It's a very quick process for you to review the images and generate a professional quote, using pre-entered pricing data. Includes the abililty to offer customers additional services and even quote for these.

The Snappy Bids system manages your quotes, is searchable and able to generate reminders for a range of situations.



Customer takes pictures

  • Using their smartphone, your customer seamlessly follows a link from your website to start the process
  • No mobile app installation required
  • The customer takes photographs of their property and can quickly and easily review these and enter their contact details.
  • Quote request is submitted


You create a quote

  • You receive notification of the quote request
  • Review each photo and complete the table below indicating the number of windows of each type/price
  • Once all photos have been reviewed, Snappy Bids tallies all numbers and generates a quote automatically
  • Surcharges and discounts can be added as needed
  • Additional services can be offered and quotes may also be included for these, based on the information available in the customer's photos. For example, quoting for driveway powerwashing or gutter cleaning.


Customer Receives the Quote

  • The customer receives an email with a link to their quote
  • Once the customer clicks the link, you receive notification that the quote has been viewed
  • Supporting documents (such as insurance certification) can also be included with the quote
  • The quote can be accepted at the push of a button (including additional services offered)
  • You will be notified as soon as the quote has been accepted and the customer can then be contacted to schedule their appointment



Snappy Bids is absolutely brilliant! It really is! No more driving around the whole place to give quotes.

Phil Teece - Cedar Park, TX


Simple, affordable pricing
14-day Free Trial

Why complicate things? We offer a simple pricing plan that includes unlimited use of Snappy Bids.

Between gas, vehicle wear-and-tear and lost time, quoting costs the average window cleaner $500/month.

Use this calculator to find out how much YOU spend on quotes

Unlimited Plan

$49.99 per month

Unlimited quotes
Unlimited customers
No setup fees
No contract
No hidden fees
Cancel anytime
Free 14-day trial (no credit card needed)
Free concierge setup service

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